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The Adcom Group, a Cleveland-based marketing company, has acquired fellow Cleveland-based agency Arras Keathley. The companies' operations will merge at Adcom's Warehouse District headquarters, and Adcom will now employ more than 110 people. "We've grown by understanding our clients' needs and challenging ourselves to enhance our ability to serve them," Adcom Co-Founder and CEO Joe Kubic said in a statement. "Our business has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades and there is no end to the evolution in sight. We must continually reinvent ourselves, build depth and invest in the future. This acquisition helps us continue to be able to do that." "We're looking forward to joining forces with Adcom. We've known each other for a long time and have had a good relationship in and outside of the workplace. We are very like-minded," Arras Keathley President Jim Hickey said in a statement. "We believe that joining forces will make us an even more formidable marketing/communications firm and position us to support current and new clients at extraordinary levels."