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G&W Electric Co., a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, has acquired Altea S.R.L., a voltage and current sensor manufacturer headquartered in Ferrara, Italy.

For more than a decade of operation, Altea has designed, developed and deployed innovative voltage and current sensors for real-time management and diagnosis of energy distribution on both overhead and underground lines for medium and high voltage power grids.

"Over the past eight years, G&W Electric has developed a strategic partnership with the experts at Altea S.R.L.," G&W Electric Chairman and Owner John Mueller said in a statement. "As we continue to expand our presence in markets outside North America and enhance our power grid solutions portfolio, adding Altea to the G&W Electric family makes strategic sense. Together, we look forward to developing cutting-edge solutions for the grid of the future."

With the demand for more advanced power grid technology, including higher accuracy sensors, this acquisition is expected to provide several opportunities to integrate product lines to achieve the demands for the future grid.

Altea began operations in 2009 with the design and testing of its first innovative capacitive sensor for indoor, air-insulated applications. After the successful placement of this sensor across Italy, Altea developed a new family of combined, voltage and current sensors to meet customers' needs for indoor, outdoor and gas-insulated substations.

With the introduction of the first disconnectable cable terminating device in the early 1900s, Bolingbrook-based G&W Electric built a reputation for innovative engineered solutions to meet the needs of systems designers.