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Jennifer Goode

Jennifer Goode

Jennifer Goode

Director, Institute for Trust and Estate Planning

Bernstein Private Wealth Management

Working with clients on their estate plans lets me tap into my innate sense of curiosity. Each day brings fresh questions that are just waiting to be explored. And finding the answer is like discovering a remote place I've never ventured to before—just thrilling.

The decision to leave the practice of law and join Bernstein felt like a natural evolution for me. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I love research. I view it as an intellectual adventure where you slowly build out the landscape of an issue with every article or code section you read, all while attempting to avoid distracting “rabbit holes” (yet still occasionally falling into them). At the end of your journey, you’ve gained a new understanding and appreciation of the topic and have forged the tools necessary to address any related issues you find “in the wild.” My excitement about research also inspires me to teach others. Who doesn’t love sharing a fun fact you just learned?

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10 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: (617) 262-9600