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Kathleen Craig

Kathleen Craig

Kathleen Craig

Founder & CEO


Kathleen Craig is the Founder and CEO of Plinqit. Prior to launching Plinqit, Craig served as the Vice President of eServices at a Michigan based bank. In that role she was the purchaser and product manager for all client facing technologies.

Craig’s experience in banking, technology and financial management led her to the development of Plinqit, a platform designed with the purpose of changing people's financial future by connecting them to the right content and information from their financial institution. Craig has successfully raised over $10 million in venture funding for Plinqit and has partnered with several of the largest financial technology companies in the world. Plinqit now serves over 50 community institutions in 20+ states ranging from $30 million in assets to over $20 billion in assets.

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Birmingham, MI 48009
Tel: (248) 642-7900