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Todd Dauchy

Todd Dauchy

Todd Dauchy


SMA Technologies

Todd Dauchy is the Chief Executive Officer of SMA Technologies. He is responsible for planning and executing the overall vision, strategy and operations of the company. He started his career with SMA as Chief Technology Officer in 2012 and was promoted to President in 2018.

Prior to joining the company, Dauchy was a client of SMA working for a large credit union. He has also led a large data center for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company and guided the IT teams of two large consumer goods manufacturing companies through the acquisition and merger process.

Dauchy’s greatest strengths are change management, a passion for progression, and leadership. In every challenge he has faced, he was a leader in the company’s transformation to the next level of performance. He is known within the company for having his finger on the pulse of all of SMA’s major business initiatives, with an ability to provide guidance and make decisions with a deft touch.


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