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2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

Presented By: Insperity

Brian J. Esposito              
CEO & Founder
Esposito Intellectual Enterprises

Brian J. Esposito, a luminary in the corporate world, has been consecutively ranked among the top 10 CEOs globally in 2020, 2021, and 2022, as acknowledged by The World CEO Rankings Awards, organized by Adria Management, LLC. As the visionary founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC (EIE), he helms an expansive empire comprising over 110 entities and 200+ joint ventures, with a dynamic presence across 25+ diverse industries worldwide.

In 2021, Esposito's prowess was further highlighted when he was honored as one of the Top 100 People in Real Estate. This accolade was closely followed in 2022 & 2023, where he was celebrated as one of the Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs, underscoring his exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset.

Esposito's profound expertise and triumphant track record extend across both private and public sectors. He is renowned for his strategic acumen in building companies and brands that are not only successful but also financially robust, boasting strong balance sheets, impressive earnings, and sustained profitability.

In August 2023, Esposito embarked on a new venture as the CEO of Diamond Lake Minerals, Inc. ($DLMI). In this role, he swiftly implemented a transformative strategy, completely overhauling the company's direction. His leadership prowess was evident in the way he surrounded the company with industry icons as advisors. This strategic move, coupled with his innovative leadership, skyrocketed the company's share price from a modest $0.35 to a remarkable $8.00. Concurrently, the market capitalization of Diamond Lake Minerals soared from $1 million to an astounding $266 million, a testament to Esposito's extraordinary leadership and business acumen.           


Robert Landis    
Founding Partner: Origination    
The Riverside Company

Robert "Bob" Landis is a pioneering figure in the private equity industry, renowned for his foundational role in business development. He began his career in private equity in the early 2000s when the concept of business development in this field was still nascent. At that time, Landis was among the few who had to advocate for the importance of their role in identifying and fostering investment opportunities for their firms. As a founding partner of origination at The Riverside Company, Landis faced skepticism from limited partners (LPs) and industry peers about the necessity of business development functions. Despite these challenges, he persisted, emphasizing the critical role of building relationships and connecting business owners with his firm's investment teams.

Before entering private equity, Landis had a diverse career path. He grew up in the Midwest and found his passion for adventure during a transformative camp experience in Colorado. This led him to attend the University of Colorado, where he joined the ROTC to fund his education. After graduation, Landis served six years of active duty in Germany, during the tumultuous period following the Vietnam War. Post-military, he pursued a graduate degree at the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona, and subsequently joined Chemical Bank in New York, eventually rising to prominence at Deutsche Bank. There, he successfully built an aerospace and defense business, navigating the complexities of the sector and convincing the bank's leadership of its importance.

The 9/11 attacks and subsequent restructuring at Deutsche Bank prompted Landis to seek new opportunities. His network and reputation led him to The Riverside Company, where he joined as a one-man business development department in 2002. Over the years, Landis originated more than 5,600 deal opportunities, and the Riverside origination team expanded to 18 full-time professionals. His approach to connecting people and fostering genuine relationships set a standard in the industry.

Additionally, he is dedicated to philanthropy, raising funds for glioblastoma research through an annual ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden. Known for his generosity and mentorship, Landis is respected and admired by peers like Gretchen Perkins, who considers him the "godfather" of business development. His legacy in private equity is marked by his innovative approach, unwavering commitment, and the strong relationships he built throughout his career.



John Murray
Board Member & Operating Partner

John Murray is an board member and operating partner with experience working closely with high-potential management teams to craft and execute winning growth strategies. During the past decade he has helped create successful exits for multiple software and tech-enabled B2B and B2C companies. His early career started in investment banking before becoming a tech founder and CIO/CTO for several companies. He is presently an Operating Partner for The Riverside Companies and a co-founder of a fintech startup provide critical tech-enabled services to licensed financial advisors. He completed a Bachelor of Science at USC and a MBA at UC Berkeley.


Anthony Viscogliosi        
Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC

"Dr. h.c, Anthony G. Viscogliosi is an accomplished chairman, chief executive, serial entrepreneur, and business strategist, innovator and changemaker with a proven track record for leading businesses across all phases of development – from ideation and start-up through commercialization to business expansion and strategic sale.

He has founded more than 30 companies and 15 investment funds in the neuro-musculoskeletal/orthopedic industry and currently serves or formerly served as founder, chairman, executive chairman, CEO, president, managing director, or managing member of more than 45 businesses. Mr. Viscogliosi co-founded Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC (VB) along with his two brothers, John and Marc.  Today VB is the leading family office, merchant bank and investment firm focused on creating innovation in the neuro-musculoskeletal/orthopedic industry.  VB has formed, is an early-stage or angel investor in, or has been involved in operations and strategy of more than 30 companies to date.  VB, its funds, or affiliates have invested in companies that have sold for more than $2.5 billion in exit proceeds. 19 companies have been exited over the last 18 years. Mr. Viscogliosi has participated in raising more than $500 million in capital for businesses in the orthopedic industry.

Mr. Viscogliosi identifies companies with innovative ideas and technologies, and then adds vision and direction to those ideas and leads them through efficient execution into growing businesses.   He is recognized for his ability to create, invigorate, and launch businesses on a solid growth trajectory by assembling management teams, creating investor syndicates, setting strategic priorities and implementing innovations that translate to tangible results.

Entrepreneurial & Investor Career:

He co-founded Musculoskeletal Clinical and Regulatory Advisors, LLC , now renamed MCRA, LLC . He serves as its Executive Chairman & CEO.  MCRA is focused on being the leading medical device CRO and regulatory advisor to healthcare companies.

He also co-founded and served as Executive Chairman of Woven Orthopedic Technologies, LLC, an orthogeriatric specialty company that focuses on enhancing orthopedic implant fixation in compromised bone.

Anthony was a Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Chairman, President, and CEO of Small Bone Innovations, Inc., it was formally largest privately held designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of joint replacement solutions for small bones and joints.  In 2005, he raised $42.2 million for Small Bone Innovations, Inc., it was formerly the single largest round of venture capital financing in orthopedic history at the time.  In 2009, at the height of the financial crisis Mr. Viscogliosi raised an additional $118 million for Small Bone Innovations, Inc. through the Company’s successful series C-1 and Series D and E equity financing rounds.  Small Bone Innovations, Inc. was recognized by Red Herring Magazine as one of the Top 100 Companies in North America. It was acquired by Stryker Corporation in August 2014 for $375 million.

Mr. Viscogliosi was formerly Executive Chairman and CEO of Aperion Biologics Inc. He previously co-founded Viscogliosi & Co., LLC., a FINRA member firm; He also co-founded Centinel Spine, LLC and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors; and is also a Co-Founder of the VB Co-Investor Network, LLC (VBIN), VB Family Office Network (VB FON), and Companion Spine, LLC, where he also serves as the Executive Chairman. He also co-founded Paradigm Spine, LLC, and served on its Board of Managers. It later sold to RTI Surgical, now SurgiLine Inc. for $300 million.  He was also a Co-Founder of Knee Creations, LLC, later sold it to what is now Zimmer Biomet, Inc., and was co-founder, Chairman, CEO, and President of Spine Solutions, Inc. which was acquired by Synthes-Stratec now Johnson & Johnson Deput Synthes, for $350 million.  He was Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors of what became Ascent Healthcare Solutions, Inc. and later was sold to Stryker Corp for $525 million.

Wall Street Career:

Mr. Viscogliosi worked at several regional brokerage and investment banking firms as an institutional equity research analyst for more than a decade.  He was among the first Wall Street orthopedic industry analysts and authored nearly 7,000 pages of investment research in nearly 1,000 research reports. He was also the first Wall Street investment banker dedicated to orthopedics, and has been involved in more than 260 orthopedic deals of every type as principal or agent, buyer or seller.

Mr. Viscogliosi was Senior Vice President and Director of Medical Technology at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc., a St. Louis-based regional investment banking and brokerage firm. He was responsible for establishing its New York office at the time, and its medical technology research and institutional sales presence.  Prior to Stifel, Nicolaus, he was Director of Medical Technology, Co-Director of Investment Research, and Assistant Director of Research, Medical Technology Analyst, Portfolio Manager and Risk Analyst respectively, with Rodman & Renshaw Inc., First Albany Corp., Commonwealth Associates Inc., Martin Simpson & Co. division of Reich & Co. Inc., Martin Simpson & Co., Equitable Securities Inc., Roney & Co. Inc., Michigan National Investment Corp. and Michigan National Corp., starting in 1984."               


Lori Wright         
Co-Founder & CEO          
Evolution Research Group, LLC

Lori Wright is co-founder and CEO of Evolution Research Group (LLC), a leading clinical service provider in the pharmaceutical industry. She has completed over a dozen M&A transactions, built ERG’s corporate infrastructure, and continues to lead its growth strategy. She is a serial entrepreneur but is most passionate about improving the clinical trial process, accelerating new drug approvals, allowing earlier access to improved treatments for those suffering from CNS disorders.  

With the backing of two private equity partners, ERG currently owns and operates a portfolio of 20 sites, including two phase 1 units, a full-service contract research organization, a neuropsychiatric rater training company, an internal patient recruitment and media organization, and recently launched a proprietary, purpose-built, Mobile App to further expand its access to patient populations and healthy volunteers, engaging them throughout their clinical trial journey.

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