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Ann Dugan

Ann Dugan

Ann Dugan


University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence (IEE)

Ann Dugan founded the first US based entrepreneurial Institute at the University of Pittsburgh when she realized that as a 4th generation member of a family business and as an entrepreneur as well, there was no organization in Western Pa to assist in growth and education of the closely held enterprise. Ann's believed strongly that family and business could thrive with active learning and a solid network of similar companies despite the local lack of interest and understanding of entrepreneurship at the time! This led to a nearly 30 year journey building education, consulting and assistance programs for all stages of the business lifecycle within the IEE.

Preparing for her next chapter, Ann realized how difficult it would to keep the IEE alive unless a successor entrepreneurial leader was found which did occur. Today the IEE continues to thrive and the results over a life time of dedication to the entrepreneurial pathway has resulted in nearly 10,000 employment jobs created, retained and supported, well over 30 million in capital raised for the closely held firm from start-up to generational transition and thousands of business leaders served in a variety of ways. Ann Dugan continues her focus today guiding the entrepreneur and family leader to continued success.

Conference Location

600 Commonwealth Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Tel: (412) 391-4600