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Understanding Family Business Dynamics: An Owner's View

Presented By: Louis Plung & AB Bernstein

Family-owned businesses have their own unique dynamics—from multiple shareholders to complicated succession plans. Hear from a group of current and former family business owners and their M&A advisors as they discuss how they navigated the most difficult questions.


Don Braun
Managing Director
AB Bernstein

Donald is a managing director of Bernstein in the Philadelphia office. He joined the firm in 2005 and was appointed a principal in 2010, a director in 2015 and managing director in 2016. As a principal, he advised high-net-worth families and institutions and their respective trusts, estates, foundations, endowments and pension plans. Previously, he was vice president of a privately held family business, Greater Media Inc.


Michael Bernstein
Managing Partner
Woodland Management

Michael Bernstein served as Chairman and CEO of Polyconcept, the leading supplier of promotional merchandise until 2015. Mr. Bernstein started his career in the promotional industry in 1992 with Leed’s, a family business that was the predecessor organization to Polyconcept.   Michael Bernstein is the Managing Partner for Woodland Management, a family investment office focusing on all asset classes with a special emphasis on Private Equity, Venture and Real Estate.

Andrew Bishop
Associate Director
AB Bernstein

Andrew is a Director in Bernstein’s Wealth Strategies Group. As a Director, he consults with advisors, their professional partners and clients as an expert in a wide field of complex investment planning topics for high-net-worth individuals and foundations. These topics include planning for the sale of a business, managing executive compensation awards, trust and estate planning techniques, charitable planning vehicles, tax management strategies and investment management strategies for nonprofits. Andrew graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, with a BS in accounting and a minor in finance. He is a CFA charterholder since 2012.

Dawn Fuchs Coleman
We Guide, You Grow LLC

Dawn worked in a second-generation family business, Weavertown Environmental Group.  The company was sold December 1,2015 to UNIVAR, a wallstreet company.  Dawn launched We Guide, You Grow LLC. “I did it, you can to” offering customizable plans for clients that want to grow their business and leadership teams.  In addition she has also launched a commercial cleaning company, CleanAisles, LLC., for her husband and has seen substantial growth within a two year span.

Dawn has recently released a book, Get Your Game F.A.C.E. On and it is focused on "the secret of growing your company during any economy."

Louis Plung
Managing Partner
Louis Plung & Company

Louis is the Managing Partner of Louis Plung & Company. He joined the Firm in 1984, became partner in 1989, and was made Managing Partner in 1992. He provides services for clients in a wide range of industries, from closely-held businesses to large publicly-owned companies.