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Session D

Dealmakers Roundtable

Presented By: Clayton Capital Partners

Two of this year’s Dealmakers Award honorees and a Private Equity firm leader share their stories with an investment banker as they talk about what they’re seeing on the front lines of dealmaking.


Kevin Short
Managing Director & CEO
Clayton Capital Partners

Kevin is managing director and CEO of Clayton Capital Partners, a St. Louis-based investment banking firm specializing in merger and acquisition advisement. He is author of "Sell Your Business For An Outrageous Price," which synthesizes his experiences selling mid-sized companies for twice the industry average EBITDA multiple. He has also orchestrated more than 150 purchase/sale transactions with an aggregate value of more than $1 billion. Years of experience enable him to aggressively pursue his clients’ objectives during the turbulence that characterizes every transaction.


Ali Ahmadi

Ali Ahmadi is a 3-time venture-backed tech startup veteran with $20M+ raised in institutional capital. He has extensive experience in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as Value-Based Care (VBC) business models and has a proven track record in establishing strategic partnerships across vertical & horizontal integrations including BlueCross BlueShield, Microsoft, SAP, PwC, Salesforce & Northwestern Mutual. He has over 18 years of business development experience in various industries including Power/Energy, Aerospace, and Military/Government.

Todd Boyman
Co-Founder + CEO
Hungry Planet, Inc.

Todd is an entrepreneur who has worked globally founding and investing in a variety of companies ranging from tech to food to trading. As Co-Founder & CEO of Hungry Planet, he is working to bend the curve on human and planetary health by ensuring that our growing human family can be nourished in a way that is sustainable, healthful, and hopeful.

Spencer Finney
Sage Capital LLC

Spencer joined Sage Capital in 2005. Previously, he worked for The Northern Trust Co., providing retirement plan administration and valuation for large corporations. He serves on the board of the Saint Louis Brewery, is chairman of the board of trustees of Villa Duchense and Oak Hill School and is a member of the advisory council of Mission St.

Conference Location

#1 Norwood Hills Country Club Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63121
Tel: (314) 521-0682