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Tana Greene

Tana Greene

Tana Greene

CEO & Co-Founder


At 17, Tana Greene wrote a goal on a piece of paper: "own my own business by the age of 30." Along the way, the business became clear – she wanted to help others by finding them stable employment. Owning her own business became a reality in 1988 when she co-founded a national staffing company that grew to operate in more than 20 states. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Tana saw first-hand the changing needs of the hourly workforce. In addition, she understood the vital role flexibility and technology would play moving forward. In 2017, she guided the company's transformation into MyWorkChoice, which now employs over 50,000 workers across 21 states.

In addition to the daily challenges of running a successful tech-based staffing company, Tana serves on the board of Safe Alliance Women's Services, and has published an inspirational book on business success entitled "Creating a World of Difference."

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4735 Carmel Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28226
Tel: 704.945.9630