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Lance Hill

Lance Hill

Lance Hill

Founder & CEO


Lance joined Within3 as Chief Executive Officer in 2007. He steers the ship that fosters more active discussions to uncover meaningful insights and accelerate the delivery of new medical therapies and technologies to market. Under his leadership, the 20 largest global pharmaceutical manufacturers have come to place their trust in Within3’s communication platform and value proposition while the team continues to innovate. “When key healthcare stakeholders - caregivers, patients, scientists, physicians, and policy makers - share ideas everyone's healthcare improves,” Lance says. Within3 is committed to breaking down healthcare communication barriers and driving innovation throughout the industry. “The Within3 team is amazing. Every single person on staff is smart, motivated, collaborative and leaves their ego at the door in the interest of advancing our mission.”

Prior to joining Within3, he served as Vice President and General Manager of webMethods' worldwide Service Oriented Architecture software business. Publicly traded on the NASDAQ until its successful sale to Software AG in 2007, webMethods was a global player in the enterprise software market with total annual revenues exceeding $200 million. Other prior engagements include enterprise engineering and e-business architecture for IBM Global Services and National City Bank.

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