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Session K

Preparing for Post-Liquidity Event Challenges

Presented By: CM Wealth Advisors

What’s life after the liquidity event look like? Probably not what you think—there’s only so many rounds of golf or vacations you can take. Do you stick around with the company as an employee? Are you leaving a legacy? Should you consider becoming a serial entrepreneur and found a new venture? Maybe you can start investing as an angel, venture capitalist or even join a private equity firm as a partner. And what about finding purpose and significance by mentoring others or joining boards? So how can you ensure that what will likely be the largest financial windfall of your life doesn’t leave you without a purpose or plan for what’s next? 


Neal Colby
CM Wealth Advisors LLC

Neal B. Colby, CPA, CEPA is a Member and Chief Financial Officer at CM Wealth Advisors LLC. CM Wealth Advisors has been providing family office services and investment management to its clients since 1983. Neal specializes in business owner consulting, exit planning, and tax planning for his clients. Prior to joining CM Wealth Advisors, Neal spent five years at a prominent single-family office and fifteen years at a large CPA firm.


Gerard Daher
Chief Executive Officer
Speedeon Data

Gerard Daher has contributed to the Cleveland business community for the last 25 years. He is founder of Speedeon Data, a marketing technology company that provides innovative, direct marketing solutions. Gerard’s expertise in strategic development, marketing, business process improvement, and data technologies has enabled Speedeon to thrive. Because of Gerard’s leadership for the last fifteen years, Speedeon is one of Cleveland’s most rapidly growing companies.

Todd Federman
Managing Director
North Coast Ventures

Todd is the Managing Director of North Coast Ventures. North Coast has over 300 individual investors that pool their capital to invest in high-potential, B2B, SaaS startups. North Coast includes six funds and has closed $65M+ of capital in 60 early-stage companies since 2007. Prior to joining North Coast, Todd served as a technology strategy consultant for DiamondCluster and AOL, and launched a consumer packaged goods company, One With Nature. Todd holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kent State University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

David Lazor
Founder & CEO

Dave Lazor is founder and CEO of Lazorpoint, a pioneer in the IT Managed Services space. After starting his career managing impactful IT projects for Intel and Electronic Data Systems, Dave launched Lazorpoint in 1997 to pursue his passion for helping entrepreneurial growth companies tackle the same IT challenges. Today, Lazorpoint has become the best choice for companies demanding strong, secure, and strategic IT.

In 2022, the business was acquired by Evergreen Services Group to accelerate Lazorpoint’ s vision for helping people and organizations become their best.


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