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Ansir Junaid

Ansir Junaid

Ansir Junaid

Founder, Chairman & CEO

SupplySide Group

A. Junaid is Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the SupplySide Group, a privately-held group of companies representing a diverse array of industries linked through common priorities in full-service supply chain solutions and sustainability. The breadth and success of the SupplySide Group are illustrative of Junaid’s combined expertise in global manufacturing, supply chain, real estate, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) deal flow in both domestic and international markets.

Junaid is a sought-after expert transforming fragmented markets into sustainable growth engines through innovative techniques and technology infusion. Much of his work has focused on redefining traditional supply chains to enable new relationships between large retailers and domestic and international suppliers (Asia, Dubai & Africa). Junaid is a go-to expert collaborating with private equity to transform fragmented businesses into blended acquisition targets with national presence and optimized value.

Junaid has fueled the growth of SupplySide Group into a global business that serves hundreds of customers and companies including, decades-long relationships with Fortune 500 notables such as Amazon, Target, UPS, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. SupplySide Group’s impact is especially remarkable within logistics management and packaging services.

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