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Steven Berger

Steven Berger

Steven Berger

Co-Founder & CEO

Berger Rental Communities

Steve graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with a degree in accounting. After a short stint as an Accountant and serving in the Military, he joined his brother Jim, who passed away in 2001, in developing what is now known as Berger Rental Communities.

Steve is very proud of the fact that in recent years BRC has been able to transform its operations from one that relied on the professionalism of a handful of staff to one that thrives on the daily commitment of over 250 team members, working together, to provide thousands of residents a housing experience that exceeds their expectations. As a founding Partner, Steve has witnessed the growth and sophistication of a company that never waivers in holding onto its core values and purpose while becoming increasingly innovative in developing more techniques to provide explementary service while effectively managing its finances. 

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