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Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen

Founder & CEO; Founder & Former CEO

7th Street Advisors; Water Water Everywhere

Andrew Cohen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Emory University. Like the previous four generations of his family, Andrew chose to become an entrepreneur. His career began immediately after graduating from college when he entered the Macy’s retail management training program. Andrew spent two years at Macy’s, developing his retail skills before returning to Maryland to open his first self-owned and operated specialty retail store. Within five years, Andrew opened three separate retail concepts. 

Andrew later chose to focus on one of the three concepts: Water Water Everywhere. During the next 16 years, he expanded the concept to 23 locations nationwide. In 2007, Mr. Cohen sold his retail chain to a private equity firm. He remained a minority owner, trusted advisor and a member of the Board of Managers until 2009.

In August 2011, Andrew began yet another chapter in his professional life, that of partner at Clark Leadership. That role primarily involved executive coaching and mentoring, retreat facilitation and roundtable peer-to-peer facilitation.

In September 2013, Andrew launched 7th Street Advisors — a professional services firm that provides coaching, mentoring, organizational development, leadership training, roundtable peer-to-peer facilitation, interim leadership and private board assistance. Andrew continues that work today working with a select group of clients.

During Andrew’s 35-plus years as an entrepreneur and CEO, he has developed and refined his skills in a multitude of areas: leadership, culture creation, growth management, brand building, planning, financial management, infrastructure creation, project management and more.

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