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Session B

Professionalizing Your Business & Wealth Planning in Advance of the Liquidity Event

Presented By: Clark Shaefer Hackett & Morgan Stanley

When planning your liquidity event and potential exit strategy, it’s imperative to think not just about maximizing and preserving the wealth created, but also what’s next. Hear from a group of entrepreneurs and advisors about how to create purpose and make an impact after taking money off the table.


Bart Bucci
Managing Director, Wealth Management
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Bart oversees all aspects of The Bucci Group at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management; focusing on investment strategies and complex estate planning strategies for uniquely successful families. He has over 25 years of wealth management experience specializing in pre-liquidity planning and post-deal wealth management issues.
The Bucci Group is the only Private Wealth Management team for Morgan Stanley in the state of Ohio. PWM is a boutique group of 250 teams within Morgan Stanley dedicated to working with ultra-high net worth clients.


R. Louis Schneeberger
Executive Chairman

Professional board member and mergers & acquisition consultant