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Gold Room Session B

Pre-, During and Post-Liquidity: What you need to know

Presented By: Clark Shaefer Hackett & Morgan Stanley

When it comes to the most important M&A transaction of your business life, most people are woefully unprepared. Entrepreneurs, wealth managers and M&A advisers take a look at best practices and mistakes made when preparing for — and completing — liquidity events.


Bart Bucci
Managing Director, Wealth Management
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Bart oversees all aspects of The Bucci Group at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management; focusing on investment strategies and complex estate planning strategies for uniquely successful families. He has over 25 years of wealth management experience specializing in pre-liquidity planning and post-deal wealth management issues.
The Bucci Group is the only Private Wealth Management team for Morgan Stanley in the state of Ohio. PWM is a boutique group of 250 teams within Morgan Stanley dedicated to working with ultra-high net worth clients.


Jim Barney
Clark Schaefer Hackett
R. Louis Schneeberger
Executive Chairman

Professional board member and mergers & acquisition consultant

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24 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 696-5600