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Keegan Caldwell

Keegan Caldwell

Keegan Caldwell

Managing Member


Dr. Keegan Caldwell is the Founder and Managing Member of Caldwell. He is an esteemed business leader with extensive and diverse experience in advising companies through the conception of innovation to 9 and 10-figure monetization events. Keegan is particularly skilled in assisting both start-ups and established entities in developing patent portfolios with multiple avenues for an ROI. He utilizes his technical expertise and entrepreneurialism to leverage IP as a business asset for M&A, licensing, and enforcement.

Keegan’s path to success has been non-traditional. He served in the US Marine Corps after high school. Following his service and before building the #1 fastest growing law firm in the US, according to Inc. magazine, Keegan enrolled in college and completed a BS and PhD in chemistry at George Washington University--a path that would later lead him to his entrepreneurial career. At GW, while investigating career options outside of academia for those with PhDs, he found an unconventional road to becoming a patent attorney without going to law school. Upon completing his PhD and passing the patent bar, he went on to work for two years at a large law firm. He then studied for and successfully passed a state bar exam. During this time, he discovered a knowledge gap in the intellectual property law industry, leading him to found his own firm focused on treating IP as an asset class to achieve business objectives.

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