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Suchit Bachalli

Suchit Bachalli

Suchit Bachalli


Unilog Corp.

Suchit Bachalli is the CEO of Unilog, the leading B2B e-commerce platform for mid-sized companies and specialty retail businesses. Throughout his career, Suchit has been dedicated to building sophisticated, large-scale e-commerce solutions tailored to help mid-market businesses maintain a competitive edge in today’s high-speed world. As CEO, Suchit’s role is to provide a vision for the future of e-commerce, rooted in Unilog’s culture of customer-centric innovation. In 2020, Suchit led Unilog in securing significant growth capital from Investcorp, a leading global private equity firm.

Previously, Suchit served as President of Unilog North America, during which time he established the company’s U.S. operations in the Philadelphia region and deployed resources to significantly grow local employment, eventually relocating the company’s global headquarters to Wayne, PA.

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