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Dale Anne Featheringham

Dale Anne Featheringham

Dale Anne Featheringham


Featheringham DDS MS Inc.

Dale Anne Featheringham, DDS, MS, MBA is a private practice orthodontist in Wooster, Ohio. She began her dental career after graduating from The Ohio State College of Dentistry, and then completing a residency program in Orthodontics. Following dental school, she went to the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State and completed an MBA program.

Dale Anne worked as an associate for six years, then started her own practice in Mansfield in 2006. She added a Wooster location and joined her practice with two other orthodontist friends to form Trio Orthodontics. This eight-location group practice was eventually purchased by a corporate orthodontic company, Smile Doctors, in 2017. Dale Anne is currently working for Smile Doctors, which is the country’s largest and fastest-growing “orthodontics-only” dental services organization.

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