Massachusetts-based technology advisory firms ROI Communications, Blue Front Technology Group and allConnex joined forces in late 2022 under one banner as Amplix. The three agencies — long-time, mutually respectful competitors — agreed to the merger backed by Gemspring Capital Management because they knew that together they could better serve their customers.

“Today, Amplix is a culmination of four different trusted advisers,” says Amplix CEO Joe DeStefano. “Originally it was three, all based out of New England, but servicing our customers globally.”

Gemspring Capital’s fund allowed Amplix to expand its reach further, enabling it to acquire a fourth entity, Net7, a provider of technology advisory services, serving hundreds of customers across numerous end markets.

The original deal combining the first three closed on November 15, creating a combined agency that its leaders describe as one of the largest partnerships of its kind in the U.S.

Following the merger, DeStefano,, the former ROI Communications CEO, assumed chief executive duties for Amplix, while former Blue Front CEO Dan Passacantilli works as chief strategy officer. allConnex managing partners Steve King and Jamie Kuzman serve as chief development officer and chief administrative officer, respectively. ROI president Dan Gill took on the same role with Amplix.

“We’ve known each other for the past two decades,” DeStefano says. “We have relationships, we’ve been to conferences with each other, and I consider them friends. I’m really happy to have them as part of my team, for sure.” 

As they went through the process, they quickly realized that, although friendly with one another, there was going to be some post-integration acclimation and procedural issues to address.

All four companies had different back-office cultures that needed combined, requiring the leaders to get together and pick the best traits from each company to create Amplix policy.

DeStefano spoke on the Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast about the details of the merger, and how and why keeping regional businesses together under one umbrella is the best way to serve customers and remain successful.