Detroit-based Rockbridge Growth Equity is making an investment in White Glove, a digital marketing company that provides marketing support, guidance, social media management and educational seminar planning for professionals in the finance, insurance, legal and real estate industries.

"White Glove's unique approach to marketing, combined with a rapidly scaling seminar planning service makes it a great addition to the Rockbridge portfolio," Rockbridge Managing Partner Kevin Prokop said in a statement. "We look forward to helping accelerate White Glove's growth throughout North America."

Based in Birmingham, White Glove is considered unique because it assumes the risk involved in planning a seminar and never charges for empty seats. The company utilizes a done-for-you approach for seminar planning, which includes everything from finding and booking venues, deploying digital marketing techniques, handling registrations, sending and managing e-mail campaigns and reminders, to providing media training and on-site communication support for speakers during seminars. To date, White Glove has completed more than 10,000 seminars.

White Glove Co-Founder Dean Thurman added: "The partnership between White Glove and Rockbridge is a strong strategic alliance that empowers us to continue growing our company as the unmatched leader in the educational seminar marketing and planning industry. When selecting a private equity partner, we prioritized a cultural fit and ability to help us accelerate our growth. After getting to know the Rockbridge team and seeing the capabilities they bring, we knew we found the right group."

White Glove has seen explosive growth over the past three years and has grown into a company with more than 115 employees that has helped more than 1,000 service professionals across the U.S. and Canada grow their business.

"Combining forces represents a new chapter for White Glove with tremendous opportunity to expand our service offerings and explore other educational seminar topics. We're confident this partnership is the right step for our business and will allow us to connect with more service professionals who want to use educational seminars to create a professional relationship with community members and ultimately grow their business," White Glove Co-Founder Mike Thurman said in a statement.

As Rockbridge's newest investment, White Glove will join Rockbridge and the Rock Family of Companies. Honigman served as legal counsel on the transaction.