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December 1, 2023

To Thrive, A Family Business Needs Rules

By Adam Burroughs

Jim Jurgielewicz, of Joe Jurgielewicz & Son Ltd., on the rough couple years the business experienced and how the rules the family set help them keep it together.

July 28, 2023

Don't Force Family Into Taking Over The Business

When it comes to making a successful transition within a family business, education and communication are by far the most important factors. Waldron Private Wealth Partner & Chief Investment Officer

June 23, 2023

Transition Options For Family Businesses

There comes a time for family businesses to make a transition. In some cases, the business is passed down to the family's next generation. But when that's not an option, there are other transitions

February 10, 2023

Bill Yoh On Adding Structure To The Family Business

Day & Zimmerman Co-Owner Bill Yoh on how to have the tough conversations necessary to have a thriving family business for generations.

September 15, 2022

Finding alignment in a family business

AchieveNEXT's Christin Cardone McClave, and UBS’s Bianca Benedetti-Fang and Julie Fox on how McClave’s family managed through being business partners over the years, why they ultimately decided a full sale was a path they wanted to pursue, and how they have adjusted back to being a family, after the transaction.

June 29, 2022

Liquidity Lessons From Selling a Fourth-Generation Family Business

Lewisburg Printing Company's Kirk Kelso, Troutman Pepper's Daniel McDonough, and BNY Mellon's Bryan McGrath and Marty Babitz on the preparation and exit phases of a well-structured transaction.

October 10, 2019

Ted Lentz talks transaction preparedness when selling Lentz Milling

Ted Lentz, now CFO and Chief Analytics Officer at JM Swank, reveals the steps he took to prepare his family’s business, Lentz Milling, for the auction block.