Blaze, a platform that enables teams to build web applications and internal tools without writing code, has acquired No Code No Problem, one of the most popular no-code podcasts and TikTok channels. The acquisition enables Blaze to support the growing no-code community with more resources and content on how to build applications without needing to know programming languages.

Blaze is one of the fastest growing no-code platforms. The platform gives users intuitive drag-and-drop tools to create internal and customer-facing applications such as admin panels, customer portals, inventory management systems, custom dashboards, and document management tools.

No Code No Problem podcasts and videos boast over 1 million views as they strive to empower non-technical people to build companies or internal applications without writing a single line of code. Over the past 3 years, No Code No Problem has emerged as a leading player in the no-code ecosystem as the first established no-code Tik Tok, one of the first podcasts in the space, and hosting the first east coast events with hundreds of attendees at venues like the Microsoft Headquarters in NYC.

With the acquisition, No Code No Problem will continue to be a top destination for those looking to learn more about the no-code space. Blaze and No Code No Problem will work together to push the space forward and create more awareness around the value internal tools provide.