Cerity Partners has merged with New York-based wealth management firm EMM Wealth. With this merger, Cerity Partners now manages approximately $26 billion in assets.

EMM Wealth is led by Lloyd Abramowitz, co-CEO; David Aaron, co-CEO and CIO; and Thomas O'Brien, CFO and has $3 billion in assets under management. The firm consists of 36 employees, including investment, tax and planning professionals who provide holistic wealth management services — investment advisory, tax and financial planning, trust and estate planning, and philanthropic planning. EMM Wealth also offers clients family office services, trust and fiduciary advisement, family governance, next-gen education, and a variety of other related offerings.

"Our firm has over 50 years of experience delivering comprehensive wealth management, family office, tax and investment advisory services,” Aaron said in a statement. “Cerity Partners' broad range of services match and complement our own, making it the perfect firm to help us grow and expand what we offer to our clients," said David Aaron.

Abramowitz added: "We found Cerity Partners to be the perfect partner for EMM Wealth as they share our belief that effective wealth management extends beyond monetary assets to every aspect of life that wealth touches."

This expanded team is expected to enable Cerity Partners to enhance its service offerings for clients in New York and across the country. EMM Wealth has taken on Cerity Partners' name and branding.

"Cerity Partners welcomes the talented group at EMM Wealth, and we look forward to the great work we will be able to accomplish under one roof by sharing our relative expertise and value for client relationships," Cerity Partners President and CEO Kurt Miscinski said in a statement. "The EMM team provides us with different perspectives and experiences, while simultaneously celebrating similar business philosophies — we are excited to grow together."