First Insight, Inc., a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) retail solutions, recently announced its acquisition of SnapRetail, a Pittsburgh-based, digital marketing platform aimed at boosting in-store traffic and online sales programs for retailers and brands. Details were not disclosed.

SnapRetail is the first in a planned series of acquisitions and internal developments aimed at broadening First Insight’s global retail services platform of concept-to-conversion offerings. First Insight’s platform delivers consumer-driven analytics across key decision areas–strategy, planning, product design, merchandising, sourcing, pricing, supply chain, marketing, and sales.

“This acquisition augments our existing decision-making capabilities with even more robust, discrete, and actionable data insights,” says Greg Petro, CEO of First Insight. “We expect future acquisitions that will further fortify our ability to amplify retail operational outcomes. SnapRetail’s innovative consumer engagement programs are aligned with and will seamlessly integrate into First Insight’s consumer-centric expertise, adding depth and muscle to our data capabilities aimed at converting consumers into loyal customers.”

The SnapRetail acquisition follows the recent launch of First Insight’s MY INSIGHT mobile app, a core enhancement to the InsightSUITE platform, empowering retail decision-makers with rapid, private, and simplified assortment building and rationalization capabilities.

Unlike traditional market research tools that depend on historical and current data to forecast general trends, demand, and pricing, InsightSUITE actively engages targeted consumer segments, delivering precise, predictive analytics within hours, thereby placing the consumer at the heart of every retail decision—from strategic planning to product development, pricing, planning, and marketing—resulting in verifiable increases in sales and profit margins.