HackEDU, a global provider of secure coding training for developers, has acquired Security Journey, a leader in application security education located in Raleigh, NC.

Together HackEDU and Security Journey will give enterprises one vendor to drive this transformation through an educational approach with multiple training modalities and gamification to engage each person in the way that they learn best.

"The combination of our organizations provides a breadth and quality of training for secure software development that no other provider delivers and that the market has been asking for," said Joe Ferrara, HackEDU CEO. "Enterprises will now have the opportunity to take their training programs beyond compliance-driven awareness training and educate their organization to embrace a secure software development lifecycle that reduces the likelihood of successful attacks."

Chris Romeo, Security Journey CEO, said, "At Security Journey, we built the most comprehensive application security training catalog in the industry, while HackEDU delivers industry leading skill building training for developers. Melding the two results in a platform that provides an exceptional learning experience for developers and product adjacent people from companies large and small."