Integrated Health 21, LLC has acquired the Wellness Operations of Healics, Inc., a Milwaukee, WI based long-standing company that provides a broad range of wellness services. This follows IH21’s acquisition of Fitness Essentials, LLC in August, 2022 that enhanced its service line by offering preventative and post-rehabilitative individual exercise programs.

Healics is a well-established wellness company founded in 1985. It services over 500 corporate and institutional clients, primarily in the upper Midwest of the United States. Healics will become a Division of Integrated Health 21 and their service line will be expanded with program offerings established by IH21.

“We are excited to combine the resources of Healics, Inc. with Integrated Health 21 and the opportunity to extend services throughout the Midwest. Healics, Inc. has been a regional leader and quality service provider that will blend well with our advanced programming and commitment to superior service,” said Liz Sullivan, President/CEO of Integrated Health 21.