Liaison International today has acquired Pittsburgh-based Othot, the leading provider of the nation’s most advanced analytics platform for predictive modeling and prescriptive actions for colleges and universities. As an edtech leader, this step boldly confirms Liaison’s intent to support the full student lifecycle, which in the post-COVID era, means helping institutions manage net tuition revenue and sustainability. Click to Tweet.

“We have always known that to be successful, our campus partners need visibility and a clear understanding of the challenges institutions face today, and perhaps more importantly, they need to foresee new challenges that they will face tomorrow,” shared George Haddad, Founder and CEO of Liaison, as he reflected on how Liaison’s combined technology and services help campuses navigate the challenges of limited resources and ability to see around corners. “With Othot’s powerful AI and machine learning capability to better inform modeling in real-time, we are even better equipped to help institutions ensure their enrollment and retention success, and plan for their futures.”

“Othot combines modern machine learning with comprehensive and rich data sets, to help our partner schools thrive,” said Fred Weiss, President and CEO of Othot. “Our analysis of the upcoming demographic cliff — and the many other complicating factors — indicates the need for predictions and prescriptions about each individual student to not only drive admissions, but retention as well, since every tuition dollar will be more important to weather the coming storm. Based on what they’ve shown throughout the last three decades, Liaison is best positioned to unite these facets.”

Othot’s Enrollment, Student Success, and other solutions join Liaison’s expanding family of strategic enrollment management solutions, which includes their Centralized Application Service (CAS), Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP) and recently acquired TargetX (CRM).