The Middleby Corp. has acquired Brava Home Inc., a Redwood City, California-based company known for its advanced residential cooking technology paired with a chef-powered service.

Brava offers proprietary cooking-by-light technology which is intended to provide users a fast, flexible, space saving and eco-friendly appliance for their kitchen counter. The patented light technology cooks food up to four times faster, requires no preheat and allows the preparation of multiple products in the same oven cavity, providing significant time savings and convenience. Additionally, the Brava technology is designed to allow for an intuitive, recipe driven and chef-supported control that simplifies the cooking experience and ensures the perfect end product for even the least experienced users.

“We are excited about the growth potential of Brava as consumers discover the benefits of light-cooking technology. The cloud-based, smart-control on the Brava oven resonates with customers of all ages due to its simplicity and ability to turn any user into a chef,” said Middleby CEO Tim FitzGerald in a statement. “As Middleby continues to focus on the most progressive technologies, we are addressing a growing market of consumers who are versed in technology and a digital experience. We believe Brava will bring many opportunities to both our residential and commercial businesses, as we extend the technology and capabilities to other Middleby brands.”

Elgin-based Middleby is a global leader in the food service equipment industry.