The Middleby Corp. announced the acquisition of RAM Fry Dispensers, a business unit of Automated Equipment LLC based in Red Wing, Minnesota. RAM is an industry leader in automated frozen fry dispensing equipment.

“The addition of RAM enhances our restaurant automation portfolio. In the current market, operators are in need of solutions to address labor costs and availability,” Middleby CEO Tim FitzGerald said in a statement. “As an innovation leader, the RAM automated fry dispenser also manages portion control through inductive basket sensors, decreasing food waste and promoting a higher quality cooking environment. This is a natural extension of our best-in-class fryer brands. RAM is currently in use with many large global restaurant chains. We expect to further develop and integrate this solution with our existing products.”

The RAM Fry Dispenser is known in the industry for reliability, ease of use and dispensing accuracy, a news release states. The units operate by releasing portion-controlled frozen product directly from the freezer into fry baskets. This system ensures the fries are cooked directly from frozen, resulting in improved product quality, consistency and yield. The patented weighing system gives users accurate portion control which supports lessening food costs and reducing needed labor. After the fries are loaded in the baskets, they are then removed and placed in the fryer for cooking.