MissionOG, a high-growth B2B investment firm, has closed MissionOG Fund II, its third investment fund. The new fund provides fast-growing B2B technology companies in financial services and payments, data, and software with investment capital to accelerate their businesses.

By leveraging the operational expertise of its managing partners and team, MissionOG seeks to reduce investment risk, drive outsized returns, and support long-term sustainable growth in its portfolio companies.

“In 2014, we launched Fund I with $29 million in capital. We believed there was an opportunity to offer both investors and portfolio companies a better model by combining relevant operator knowledge, a deep investor and professional network, and highly targeted capital,” said MissionOG Chairman and Managing Partner Gene Lockhart. “Now with three funds and 25 theme-driven investments, we see that opportunity being realized and growing.”

Through Fund II, MissionOG will continue to partner with high-growth companies that have proven their business model through successful commercialization of their solution. The Fund seeks opportunities to invest $1 million to $10 million with significant follow-on capital where necessary. Previous investments have primarily been headquartered in the United States, but include companies in the United Kingdom and Mexico. Prior MissionOG fund investments have exited to companies such as TransUnion, Comcast, and Blackstone.

The Fund’s limited partners include corporate investors and strategic individuals with unique and valuable operating experience in the firm’s targeted markets, a state fund, and single and multi-family offices.

“We have been investors in each of MissionOG’s three funds. Their strategy is to focus on specific market segments in which we believe they have deep expertise and can provide high engagement post-investment. This approach affords investors an opportunity to gain exposure in an asset class that has high upside, but through a vehicle that actively manages risk,” said LGL Partners Chief Investment Officer James McGrath.

MissionOG Fund II has established positions with seven companies. They include:

  • Alkami Technologies
  • Bridge
  • Brightfield
  • DemystData
  • FeatureSpace
  • Payclip
  • Venminder