Mediatec, a live events company of NEP Group and one of the largest audiovisual technology companies in Europe, has acquired Twentyfourseven, a live event and corporate media services provider based in Scandinavia with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Founded in 1996, Twentyfourseven serves clients in the corporate, sports, TV, film and entertainment markets with expertise in the areas of TV production and corporate media.

The deal adds Twentyfourseven’s services for the corporate market as well as expertise in supporting multi-rig, back-to-back reality productions. The deal also provides Mediatec with a larger production facility in Denmark and the opportunity to support gaming events in the country.

NEP, which has operations in 24 countries, is a worldwide outsourced technical production provider supporting premier content producers of live sports, entertainment, music and corporate events. Last week, the company agreed to buy HDR Group, a full-service production partner in Stockholm.