OtterTune, the ultimate database automation and optimization platform, has raised $12 million in Series A funding led by Intel Capital and Race Capital with participation from Accel. Nick Washburn, Senior Managing Director of Intel Capital, will help accelerate the company's growth by joining its board of directors.

Database management is a multi-billion dollar market, and systems have hundreds of configuration settings that affect performance and cloud costs. OtterTune automates the complex and time-consuming process of database performance optimization. The company's technology uses machine learning to safely analyze and continuously optimize those settings to help companies of all sizes run their databases more efficiently at a lower cost.

Since its launch last year, OtterTune expanded its service to include support for Amazon Aurora databases, as well as Amazon RDS databases. In addition, new database health checks to mitigate outages or performance drops have been added as well. The company will use the new round of funding to expand its engineering team and build support for additional databases on other cloud platforms as well as innovating additional autonomous optimization features.