PITT OHIO, a transportation, warehouse and logistics provider, announced a service expansion to New York state beginning Aug. 14.  

Teal’s Express has provided LTL service within NY state for nearly 100 years. Teal’s Express and PITT OHIO partnered to provide LTL service to and from NY state since 2016. PITT OHIO reached an agreement in principle to acquire Teal’s Express equipment and terminal assets on Aug. 13. PITT OHIO plans to integrate Teal’s Express employees, equipment, and facilities into its existing operations. 

Teal’s Express will close its operations Aug. 13 and PITT OHIO will begin to provide direct LTL service to and from New York on Aug. 14. Ross Express, PITT OHIO’s sister company, will continue to provide a similar LTL service between New England and New York state.