Kaarta Inc., a Pittsburgh startup developing real-time mobile 3D reality capture, has raised $6.5 million to accelerate the growth of its mobile mapping and localization technology. The funding will be used to fuel sales and marketing initiatives, expand talent acquisition, and further invest in research and development.

The funding round was led by real estate technology venture capital fund GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund, along with Riverfront Ventures, Zamagias Properties, Quaker Capital Investments and Startbot.

“Our investor group brings deep strategic expertise in property development, asset management, and commercial real estate as well insights into the robotics and AI space,” Kaarta CEO Kevin Dowling said in a statement. “Pittsburgh, with its world-renowned robotics institutions, access to technical talent, and abundance of industry partners is the ideal place for the further advancement of our technologies.”

As part of the investment, GBIF Partner Susan McArthur joins the Kaarta board.

Kaarta's 3D reality capture technology enables built environment, geospatial, and autonomous robotics professionals to map and model indoor and outdoor spaces up to 10x faster and less expensive than traditional mapping methods.

Its products are used across a range of applications in architecture, engineering, construction, operations, industrial planning, civil & transportation infrastructure, security & threat assessment, mining, archeology and autonomous technologies.