Richardson, a global sales training company headquartered in Philadelphia, is set to merge with Kartesia’s existing portfolio company, Sales Performance International (SPI).

The combination of SPI and Richardson is expected to create comprehensive portfolio of classroom and digital learning, technology enablement, and industry expertise to drive improved sales performance and increased growth for global companies.

Richardson is known for driving sales skill improvement with its Consultative Selling approach and Connected Selling Curriculum™. The curriculum is delivered via a blended learning approach with Richardson Accelerate™, the company’s digital learning platform. The platform uses an active learning methodology to drive engagement and adoption of new skills.

Sales Performance International is the proprietary owner of the Solution Selling® sales process and methodology. Solution Selling® and its related methodologies deliver a step-by-step approach that teaches sales professionals not only what to do, but how to change the way they sell and apply new behaviors that align with the buyer journey. SPI augments learning and digital reinforcement with CRM-embedded enablement tools that ensure effective execution and measurement of outcomes.