SWORD Health has acquired Vigilant Technologies, a workplace injury prevention solution. This acquisition helps SWORD maintain its lead as the fastest growing and most innovative musculoskeletal solution on the market.

VIT started four years ago, and has become recognized for its feedback-driven physical awareness solution in the workplace. With a shirt collar device, VIT provides haptic feedback to the wearer which helps correct posture and prevent injuries. Combined with educational modules tailored to specific job types, VIT reduces MSK injuries by 33 percent and unsafe behaviors by 47 percent.

VIT has implemented their solution at some very notable institutions and businesses such as the US Department of Defense, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,

Sheetz, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, and Frazier-Simplex. Combined, these represent hundreds of business locations and tens of thousands of employees.

This acquisition is expected to propel SWORD Health further into the prevention of MSK injuries and will fuel its commercial growth.