The Mather Group has acquired RPH Financial Services, a fiduciary-only firm with $168 million in assets under management located in northeastern Pennsylvania. RPH specializes in serving corporate executives in the pharmaceutical sector with a strong focus on Johnson & Johnson employees. The transaction brings Chicago-based TMG’s total assets under management to $4.6 billion.

“We had nearly 100 parties interested in partnering with us,” RPH Founder Robert Hanlon said in a statement. “The Mather Group was the only RIA led by a next-gen team with a long-term vision who refuses to accept private equity investors. We heard all the other firms talking about implementing cutting-edge technology, but only TMG was executing on building a proprietary tech platform and using it in real time. We’re confident TMG will best position our clients and staff for the rapid change our industry is undergoing.”

The deal closed within a year of TMG’s acquisitions of two multi-family offices: San Francisco Bay Area-based Berman Investment Advisors and Astraeus Advisers in Park Ridge, Illinois. Each transaction brought $1 billion in assets under management and prompted the launch of TMG Family Office.

TMG Founding Partner Stewart Mather added: “I have a strong admiration for Robert’s commitment to the fiduciary standard and his incredible experience working with corporate executives. Partnering with RPH helps us execute on TMG’s vision of achieving national scale, while retaining a culture only possible at a boutique firm. It’s our unique culture that has allowed us to remain nimble and attract next-gen talent. Robert and I are like-minded founders with shared values — neither of us have a desire to become a mega-RIA.”

TMG is a wealth management firm with offices in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Philadelphia area.