Waud Capital Partners has announced a new executive partnership with Leif O'Leary, Shay Gonen and Peter Frintzilas to pursue platform investments in the vertical software market. O'Leary, Gonen and Frintzilas are considered highly accomplished software industry executives with more than 25 years of value-creation experience. As part of this executive partnership, WCP has initially committed $150 million of equity capital to support the initiative and seek to identify, acquire and build a market-leading vertical software company.

Prior to partnering with Chicago-based Waud Capital, this trio created significant shareholder value during their time at Intralinks, a provider of virtual data rooms and financial technology software. The three executives helped to transform Intralinks into a highly profitable, high-growth business and led the company through three different sale transactions, ultimately culminating in a $1.5 billion sale to SS&C.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for Waud Capital to build on its extensive software portfolio and partner with an industry leading executive team," Waud Capital Partner Matt Clary said in a statement. "Together, we will work closely with Leif, Shay and Peter and build a new market-leading platform company. We are thrilled that we have such a cohesive and experienced management team on day one."

This partnership is intended to further expand Waud Capital's portfolio of software investments, including CyberGrants, Integrated Practice Solutions, iOffice, and Sphere Commerce.

In September, Waud Capital Partners committed $150 million of equity capital to an executive partnership with Philippe Ozanian to pursue investments in the HR technology and broader vertical software markets.