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March 4, 2022

Derek Nixon Talks Varel Energy Solutions' Sale to Bluewater Group

Varel Energy Solutions' Derek Nixon talks about the company's acquisition and how the deal sets it up to be the acquirer for years to come....

By Adam Burroughs

February 11, 2022

City Shoppe's Ash Cintas on Investors as Coaches

Ash Cintas, founder and CEO of City Shoppe, talks about her experience launching the company, fundraising, and what she looks for in an investor....

By Adam Burroughs

January 7, 2022

Three mistakes that signal you're unlikely to get funded

Serial entrepreneur Bob Norton talks about what investors really look for in a pitch, the team and the concept, as well as where most entrepreneurial ventures stumble and fail....

By Adam Burroughs

December 16, 2021

Citymark Capital founder Daniel Walsh on launching the company

Daniel Walsh talks about launching Citymark Capital, building funds, creating value and the special place Austin holds in the company’s plans....

By Adam Burroughs

November 12, 2021

The importance of ESG alignment

Ampex Brands Eric Easton, along with UBS' Amantia Muhedini and Samuel Parker look at how sustainable investing and an intentional diversity strategy can be a company’s differentiator and help drive continued growth. ...

By Adam Burroughs