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October 28, 2022

The Unexpected Outcomes of Royal Capital Group’s Community Development

Royal Capital Group Founder and CEO Kevin Newell discovered that when living conditions improve, so do the mental and physical health of those living in the neighborhoods he’s developed. This approach opened a new capital stream through UnitedHealthcare, which is now the largest private investor, providing $5.4 million in equity funding for one of his latest endeavors....

By Dan Pender

June 19, 2020

All Pro Freight’s Chris Haas: Finding opportunities in the uncertainties

In an economy that’s going up and down, those uncertainties are what makes the commercial real estate business thrive, says Chris Haas, founder, president and CEO of All Pro Freight Systems Inc....

By Mark Scott and Jayne Gest

December 12, 2018

Legacy Capital’s David St. Pierre

As a 20-year veteran of real estate investing, David St. Pierre knows the best way to sell investors on a new opportunity: Don’t....

By Mark Scott

November 30, 2018

Radhika Reddy

Radhika Reddy and her partners have worked on more than $2 billion of public-private finance transactions across the United States. We talk with her about the complexity of real estate investing....

By Mark Scott

November 20, 2018

Mac Biggar Jr.

Master dealmaker Mac Biggar talks about challenges and opportunities in today’s commercial real estate space....

By Mark Scott

November 9, 2018

Mike Gibbons: Getting 2 deals from 1

Dealmakers who are willing to separate the real estate from the sale of their business and conduct two separate deals often come out ahead....

By Mark Scott

September 7, 2018

Sam Petros

Real estate developer Sam Petros talks about his approach to making deals happen and a pivotal moment when he was 14 that shaped his career....

By Mark Scott

August 17, 2018

Mitchell Schneider

Mitchell Schneider about the role his team has played in transforming Northeast Ohio’s retail culture, his own evolution as a dealmaker and a valuable piece of strategy he uses to close a deal....

By Mark Scott

July 19, 2018

Citymark Capital’s Daniel Walsh

Dan Walsh talks about his approach to crafting a deal, lessons learned about minimizing mistakes and what Cleveland needs to do to generate more liquidity....

By Mark Scott

March 16, 2018

Real estate broker Rico A. Pietro

Rico Pietro talks about the evolution of real estate dealmaking in Cleveland and the role that the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program has played in revitalizing downtown properties....

By Mark Scott

February 8, 2018

Stuart Kline on how to get the good real estate deals

The Chase Properties chairman talks about how he identifies lucrative real estate opportunities that others miss and the key metrics that can lead to a profitable deal....

By Mark Scott

February 2, 2018

RSM's Ron DeGrandis

RSM's Ron DeGrandis shares some of his vast expertise on real estate dealmaking in the context of the recent sale of downtown’s Key Center to Frank Sinito and Millennia Cos....

By Mark Scott