Caregiver Inc., a Fort Worth, Texas-based provider of long-term care services and supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has acquired four companies in Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee, including Cori Care and Absolute Care in Columbus.

With these recent acquisitions, Caregiver has acquired 15 companies since 2015, setting a fast pace for continued rapid growth and expanding services.

With the two Columbus transactions, Caregiver has expanded the company’s operations to six brands in the state. Cori Care provides care to more than 100 individuals in community residential settings with approximately 220 employees. Cori Care also provides day rehab services, marking Caregiver’s entry into this service in Columbus, which it intends to expand across Franklin County. The sale was completed in December 2019.

Absolute Care provides care to about 50 individuals in the Columbus area, also in residential settings with about 130 employees. The sale was completed in October 2019.