Cordance, a software company that acquires and accelerates the growth of vertically-focused, B2B SaaS companies, expands its presence in the wholesale distribution industry with the strategic acquisition of WebPresented, a fully integrated CRM, quoting, and business intelligence tool built for industrial distributors.

WebPresented’s proprietary CRM software, WPCRM, is a full-box CRM that syncs customer data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and equips wholesale distributor sales team with actionable intelligence for smarter, real-time decision making. The tool includes quoting, mobile order entry, business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics. WPCRM also allows management teams to easily review sales performance, automate repetitive tasks, and quickly forecast their business.

WebPresented is Cordance‘s second strategic investment in the industrial distribution industry. Cordance values the unique products, capabilities, and commitment to serve the distribution industry that WebPresented has built. WebPresented will continue to operate as an individual business unit within Cordance, with opportunities to work collaboratively with other business units across the portfolio to deliver maximum value to customers.

“We are proud to welcome WebPresented as the 12th software company to join Cordance.” says Sharon Love, Chief Executive Officer of Cordance. “WebPresented has dedicated itself to delivering revenue enhancing sales solutions to distributors. We share their commitment to exceeding customer expectations and fueling their next round of growth.”

“This acquisition aligns perfectly with our growth strategy and allows us to further strengthen our presence in the distribution and manufacturing segment.” says James Gerdes, President of WebPresented. “With Cordance’s expertise, resources and long-term approach to investing in products, processes and people, we are confident in our ability to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to customers, while generating profitable growth for the business.”