Lightwell has acquired Leveraging Technology LLC, a Rochester-based IT consultancy. The transaction represents a significant opportunity to address the heightened demand for advanced integration and architecture expertise, while enabling the Dublin company to create greater strategic value for its customers.

Established in 1998, Leveraging Technology is a privately-held IT consulting company. Its client base includes Fortune 500 corporations and smaller regional companies spanning many different industries, including health care, manufacturing, food services, banking and financial services.

Data and integration-related challenges continue to be a major barrier as companies invest in technology and digital transformation. There is a struggle to access critical data and ensure vital information flows seamlessly, quickly and securely across many disconnected systems, applications, devices and clouds, Lightwell President and Founder Michelle Kerr said, in a statement.

“These problems can’t be solved by a software solution alone: they’re challenges that span architecture, technology solutions, strategy, skills, business processes and more,” continued Kerr. “This is where the Leveraging Technology team excels — they bring all of this together, helping companies develop and fine-tune their strategies and roadmaps, implement the right technologies, overcome Integration challenges, optimize their IT environments, and align technology, people and processes for achieving their business goals.”