OCSiAl — the world’s largest manufacturer of graphene nanotubes, which has its Americas headquarters in Columbus — was added to the CB Insights Global Unicorn Club, a list of startup companies valued at $1 billion or more. OCSiAl made the list after A&NN Investments, a Russian investment firm, acquired a 0.5 percent stake in the company for $5 million.

The Luxembourg company was the first to produce graphene nanotubes on an industrial scale. Since it entered the market in 2014, OCSiAl’s revenues have been doubling annually, and the company expects to go public by 2025.

“By industry standards, graphene nanotubes are a relatively new material. Today we are observing the emergence of markets for its application. What is important is that these include not only the high-tech sector, but also mass-produced goods. We believe the company will be worth at least $100 billion in 10 years’ time,” OCSiAl President Yuriy Koropachinskiy said, in a statement.

OCSiAl’s customers include global car manufacturers, leading electronics companies and major chemical producers. OCSiAl has more than 400 employees and 600 business partners. The company’s Americas business in Columbus is the exclusive provider of TUBALL and TUBALL MATRIX in North and South America.