Proteam Solutions, an IT consulting and staffing firm, has invested in the San Francisco-based startup Akava. PSI will have access to Bay Area talent and resources through the software development studio.

PSI founder and CEO Keith Stevens, who is also the board chair of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, is a co-founder and board member of Akava. The investment gives PSI 49 percent ownership in the Bay Area startup.

“The big value proposition for our clients is the real-time access to Akava’s thought leadership and suite of services,” Stevens said in a statement.

With the companies’ strategic partnership, PSI and Akava can focus on democratized software code and remote development for agile project scaling. Akava, which was founded in December 2018, has partnered with companies like Disney, Oracle, T-Mobile and Uber.

Akava's Brandon Durbin“This is a natural fit with PSI tapping the resources and innovation in Silicon Valley and Akava gaining deep market insights from an emerging tech hub in the Midwest,” Akava Founder and CEO Brandon Durbin said, in a statement. Durbin worked at PSI from 2010 to 2013.