V&S Galvanizing, a hot-dip galvanizing service provider, has acquired Korns Galvanizing Company, Inc.

A premier hot-dip zinc galvanizer of ferrous metals located in Johnstown, PA, Korns Galvanizing Company, Inc. serves over 15 major industrial sectors with applications including fabrications, fasteners, forgings and castings, stampings and more.

"The addition of Korns allows V&S to expand both our capacity and capabilities in the region.  There is strong market demand for small kettle galvanizing in the Eastern half of the United States," says Brian Miller, V&S Galvanizing CEO. "Korns complements our current facilities and allows V&S to grow to meet the current market conditions. We are excited to close this acquisition and continue to look for more growth opportunities."

Kathleen Ortel, Korns CEO, added "We are delighted to find a great partner and new home for Korns. The greater Johnstown region has been a focus of pride for my family for more than 100 years. The future looks very promising as a global company like V&S adds Korns to its network of locations."