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March 31, 2023

Five elements to achieve best in class business status

Barnes Wendling Director Mike Pappas on the key elements to achieving best in class and how it increases company value....

By Mike Pappas

December 1, 2022

Athletico's Mark Kaufman On Leveraging Employee Expertise

Athletico Physical Therapy Founder Mark Kaufman on the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship....

By Adam Burroughs

October 7, 2022

There’s a Bumpy Road Ahead In M&A

C. Forrest Tefft, head of corporate finance at Northwest Bank, has, over more than four decades in investment banking, raised more than $14 billion in bank capital and was the originator of more than 70 transactions. Tefft discusses some of the hurdles businesses face in a near post-pandemic world and the things they should consider before making any M&A transactions. ...

By Dan Pender

September 23, 2022

Stewart Kohl on missed opportunities

The Riverside Co. Co-CEO Stewart Kohl on what he learned from his first job, how mentorship has impacted his career, successes, lessons learned, work/life balance, and giving back. ...

By Adam Burroughs

September 23, 2022

Len Caric on hiring mistakes

Serial entrepreneur Len Caric on what he learned from his first job, how mentorship has impacted his career, change as a motivator and work/life balance....

By Adam Burroughs

August 2, 2022

The Essential First Question CEOs Must Ask Before Partnering with a PE Firm

Private equity dealmaking was busier than ever in 2021, with more than $3.5 trillion in capital deployed throughout the year. Fundraising also increased nearly 20% last year – a record high – which...

By Andrew Panzo

May 6, 2022

A Look at The Detroit Region's Home-Grown M&A Market

During the Roundtable at this past week's Detroit Smart Business Dealmakers Conference, Mykolas, along with Huntington Bank's Ronald Majka, Huron Capital's Brian Demkowicz, and Ideal Group's Linzie Venegas shared their personal stories as they explored what’s driving activity in region, and why they believe Detroit is a great place to do business. ...

By Adam Burroughs

February 25, 2022

Ansir Junaid: Serial entrepreneur’s M&A lessons learned

SupplySide Group Chairman Ansir Junaid offers insights into his M&A experience and how the pandemic has affected dealmaking....

By Adam Burroughs

November 17, 2021

Factors Influencing Transactional M&A

KPMG’s Stephen Guy, along with Venable’s Charles Morton, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation’s Mac MacLure and Sachs Capital’s Andrew Sachs look at state of M&A, factors influencing the buy-and-sell-sides, and what you need to do to ensure a closed deal in this new normal....

By Adam Burroughs

July 16, 2021

Inside Ampex Brands’ Acquisition of Au Bon Pain

Eric Easton, CFO at Ampex Brands, and Jayne Juvan, M&A chair at Tucker Ellis, discuss Ampex’s acquisition of Au Bon Pain — how the process went down, the challenges they faced and how Ampex intends to leverage this new opportunity. ...

By Adam Burroughs

September 2, 2020

Minimize risk and protect shareholders with financial opinions

Greg Cook, a director with Prairie Capital Advisors, explores fairness and solvency opinions as a means of minimizing risk and protecting shareholders....

By Greg Cook

August 7, 2020

Don’t overreact to short-term disruption, says COhatch CEO Matt Davis

COhatch CEO Matt Davis on his company's response to the pandemic and why long-term decisions shouldn’t be made in a crisis....

By Adam Burroughs

June 3, 2020

JumpStart’s Jerry Frantz: Chaos And Uncertainty Will Eventually Create New Opportunity

A defining attribute of entrepreneurship is agility, the ability to nimbly maneuver through both adversity and opportunity, says JumpStart's Jerry Frantz....

By Jerry Frantz

May 21, 2020

Michael Feuer: Ready, Set, Stop!

The best-laid plans for deals, business and life often take a wrong turn, says Michael Feuer....

By Michael Feuer

May 7, 2020

Mark A. Filippell: What Sellers Can Do When M&A Market Shuts Down

With all due respect to Admiral Farragut, his “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead” strategy will almost certainly fail in today’s COVID-19 M&A environment, says Mark Filippell....

By Mark A. Filippell

April 23, 2020

Jim Pshock: The Right Deal Begins With Knowing What You Want

Bravo Wellness Founder and CEO Jim Pshock shares his perspective on dealmaking after selling his business to Medical Mutual....

By Jim Pshock

April 8, 2020

Coronavirus has disrupted, but not extinguished, M&A options

What was arguably the best M&A market ever for sellers of closely held companies has taken a dramatic pause, forcing business owners who were considering a sale of their business to re-think their options. But buyers who balked at the high prices and substantial competition may find increasingly attractive opportunities....

By Ken Marblestone

March 18, 2020

Rob Huxtable: Co-Investment Can Be A Powerful Litmus Test For C-Suite Leaders

There are three significant benefits to C-suite level co-investment in a PE-backed company, says FALCON’s Rob Huxtable....

By Mark Scott

March 4, 2020

Mark A. Filippell: Noncash Considerations In A Sale Create An Added Level Of Complexity

Every seller must understand that selling a company for multiple forms of consideration is quite different from receiving all cash and walking away clean, says Mark A. Filippell....

By Mark A. Filippell

February 20, 2020

MRI Software’s John Ensign: Strong Outlook For M&A — If The Deals Meet The Right Criteria

Investing in the right acquisition — rather than just making the first deal that comes along — will be critical to surviving, and even thriving, in a downturn, says MRI Software’s John Ensign....

By John Ensign

February 18, 2020

Gregory D. Cessna: How much due diligence is too much?

Gregory D. Cessna wonders if the ease of information sent through digital portals can bog down deal due diligence. He provides some tips for right sizing the due diligence for your next deal....

By Gregory D. Cessna

February 5, 2020

Michael Feuer: Buy It, Build It, Or Forget It?

It’s not how big you make it, it’s how you make it big, says Michael Feuer...

By Michael Feuer

January 29, 2020

Randy Gerber: Why raising capital might not be your best option

Many entrepreneurs believe raising capital is the best way to attain growth. Randy Gerber, who works with first-generation entrepreneurs, sees bootstrapping the business as a better way....

By Randy Gerber

January 23, 2020

Ken Marblestone: Maintaining Momentum Is An Important Part Of Closing The Deal

Don’t let a poorly conceived and executed deal process get in the way of your personal and business objectives, says Ken Marblestone....

By Ken Marblestone

January 16, 2020

Middle-Market Transactions Gain Efficiency, PE Sponsors Find New Ways To Build Value

PE sponsors have gotten better, perhaps even good, at owning businesses, and this trend should continue into the next decade, says Blue Point Capital Partners' Jim Marra....

By Jim Marra

January 13, 2020

Thomas A. Stewart: Change favors the prepared mind

Middle-market companies most likely will undergo a major transition over the next five years. While they often can be unexpected, companies shouldn't be surprised. Thomas A. Stewart of the National Center for the Middle Market discusses deal preparation....

By Jayne Gest

January 9, 2020

Stewart Kohl: Investors Can’t Just Pay up And Hope Things Work Out

It’s very hard to succeed in private equity if you’re paying high prices without a clear and well-considered growth plan, says Riverside’s Stewart Kohl....

By Mark Scott

January 2, 2020

Beyond the hype with Kysha Currence

Kysha L. Currence, senior counsel at Ashland LLC, a global specialty chemical company with offices in Dublin, talks deal negotiation with WELD's Becky S Cornett and Barb Smoot....

By Barb Smoot and Becky S. Cornett

December 17, 2019

FALCON’s Rob Huxtable Explores Behavioral Pitfalls That Can Derail An LBO’s Performance

Portfolio company CEOs and their sponsors improve their odds of maximizing their multiple on invested capital when alignment is both financial and behavioral, says Falcon’s Rob Huxtable....

By Rob Huxtable

December 3, 2019

Westfield Bank’s Jon W. Park: How To Turn ‘Not For Sale’ Into ‘Sold’

Don’t let a potential seller get away because you failed to realize what was going on behind the scenes....

By Jon W. Park

November 20, 2019

Ed Buchholz: The Most Successful Startup Ecosystems Welcome Failure

If we want to encourage startups to call Cleveland home, there are three primary metrics to focus on, says StartInCLE Founder Ed Buchholz....

By Ed Buchholz

November 5, 2019

Matt Kaulig: The Path From Risky Move To Smart Play

The founder of LeafFilter explores the mindset of entrepreneurs and dealmakers when it comes to taking risks....

By Matt Kaulig

October 21, 2019

When You Play ‘Gotcha!’ In M&A, It Often Comes Back To Bite You

Buyers with a gotcha mentality win some due diligence battles, but they often lose the due diligence war, explains Citizens Capital Markets' Mark A. Filippell....

By Mark A. Filippell

October 16, 2019

Tom Walker: Startups are destined to be the next corporates

The president and CEO of Rev1 Ventures shares three ways corporations are seeking to shape this trend and tapping into the forces of external entrepreneurship....

By Tom Walker

October 10, 2019

Chas Withers: All Hope Is Not Lost For Dealmaking In 2020

Dix & Eaton's CEO explains why there is reason to be optimistic about the climate for M&A activity headed into 2020....

By Mark Scott

September 23, 2019

Startups Must Not Abuse The Concept Of Patience

As business leaders, let's identify where patience has become the wolf in sheep's clothing and make it the prominent theme for innovation again, writes Axuall's Charlie Lougheed....

By Charlie Lougheed

September 3, 2019

Dealmakers Have Yet To Embrace Data Analysis. That’s A Mistake.

When it comes to dealmaking, many companies are doing what they’ve always done. Unfortunately, that means they’re not thinking about the massive amounts of previously unavailable data that can help them analyze potential deals more quickly than ever....

By Monte Repasky

August 22, 2019

For Startups, Value Attracts Funding

Focusing all your attention on fundraising can actually make it harder to close your next funding round if it distracts you from creating the value investors want, writes JumpStart's Jerry Frantz....

By Jerry Frantz

August 7, 2019

What to do when a deal turns from a 'yes' to a 'no'

When a deal falls apart, it’s natural to be frustrated. In his latest Dealmaker Insider column, Michael Feuer explores why it’s always wise to temper your response in these situations....

By Michael Feuer

June 24, 2019

Focus M&A Negotiations On The Critical Issues

Without clear priorities, M&A professionals often flounder by attempting to maximize results along every dimension, writes Mark A. Filippell. This bogs down purchase agreement negotiations as every issue becomes a deal-breaker and reasonable trade-offs cannot be made....

By Mark A. Filippell

June 10, 2019

How To Get Multiple Bites of the Apple

R. Louis Schneeberger, who has played a lead role in more than 100 acquisitions and the sale of more than 30 companies, looks at key considerations for how to sell your company multiple times....

By R. Louis Schneeberger

May 28, 2019

There are a few real secrets in business

When exploring the sale of your company, is it better to “deny, deny, deny” or employ a “don’t tell, don’t ask” policy?...

By Michael Feuer

May 21, 2019

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing To Sell

Going through the M&A process can prove time-consuming and difficult. Achieving success requires a timeline and strategic planning while making sure that key advisers are part of the process....

By Domenic Rinaldi

May 14, 2019

M&A Outlook: Transactions Can Prepare You For Future Change

The speed of change is relentless, and M&A has proved to be an effective means to move quickly to gain competitive advantage or defend against future disrupters....

By Monte Repasky

May 3, 2019

Cleveland Must Support Innovators To Drive Growth

If this region’s anchor institutions and large corporations are serious about economic development, they must partner with qualified entrepreneurs that can enable them to create, export and profit from locally developed innovation....

By Charlie Lougheed

April 18, 2019

How valuation plays a critical role in dealmaking

Valuation work is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. It can be both quite varied and necessary for different business procedures....

By Ronald D. DiMattia

April 1, 2019

First impressions matter when studying acquisition opportunities

The key to a successful acquisition is a well-planned, successful transition, achieved by working with the key customers, employees and suppliers to ensure that sales and operations continue smoothly....

By Greg Muzzillo

March 29, 2019

How to value organizations in the wake of technology disruption

A look at the challenge of finding skilled workers for today’s highly automated environment, what investors should look for when evaluating companies and how involved investors should be in new technologies....

By Suzy Teele

March 21, 2019

In deal communications, play offense

The smoothest deals have one common denominator. They are driven by a thoughtful, reasoned approach to cohesive communication that will resonate with all those touched by the transaction....

By Chas D. Withers

March 5, 2019

Are you a futurist?

Riverside Co-CEO Stewart Kohl explains why it’s imperative for CEOs to be futurists if they want to ensure the success of their businesses....

By Stewart Kohl