AlgiSys BioSciences, Inc. announced that Peakstone Securities, LLC, a lower middle market U.S. investment bank, has been retained to raise $45 million in Series B capital to fund its initial commercial plans being driven by global customer demand for EPA omega-3 fish oil substitutes.

AlgiSys is an ESG biotechnology company that can sustainably and economically produce natural, non-GMO, fish-free ingredients rich in omega-3 fatty acids and aquatic plant-based protein, all suitable for a wide spectrum of B2B products.

The Company is targeting high-growth, addressable global markets collectively sized in the billions (USD): aquaculture, animal health and pet care, human nutrition and supplements, pharmaceuticals and regenerative health therapies, and cosmeceuticals.

The Series B funds will be used for commercialization, strategic acquisitions, and to hire key executives. The management and operations team currently includes entrepreneurs successful at monetizing innovative technologies, veteran manufacturing and financial executives, scientists, and engineers.

AlgiSys has secured an international patents portfolio and additional patents are being filed.