Align Capital Partners has closed its third strategic add-on for SEAM Group. Headquartered in Holbrook, MA, Electrical Engineering & Service, Co. specializes in electrical power systems, commissioning, testing, evaluation, repairs and maintenance. EESCO is accredited by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA), a trade association dedicated to improving electrical testing standards in the United States and sharing those standards internationally.

Founded in 1989 by Steve Isaac and Joe Cipolla, EESCO currently services over 185 customers across New England in a variety of end-markets. This strategic add-on broadens SEAM Group’s specialized services for electrical distribution equipment, including switchgear, circuit breakers, protective relays, transformers, ground fault systems and surge protectors. Together with EESCO, SEAM Group has over 375 employees and associates serving over 1,000 clients globally.

ACP acquired a majority stake in Lewellyn in November 2017 and then merged the company with Predictive Service in August 2018. The combined companies were rebranded as SEAM Group in early 2019. Together, SEAM Group and ACP will continue to pursue add-on acquisitions to expand the Company’s current service offering and geographic reach. Managing Partner Chris Jones, Operating Partner Dave Tiley, Partner Matt Beesley and Associate Vijay Senthilkumar worked on the transaction.